What it started was an affair & passion for the craft of coffee

The Eleventh Street is the brainchild of two like-minded friends once upon a time in New York, on the corner of the eleventh street.

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  • Latte

    Our most loved hot latte, medium roasted to produce strong aromatic qualities. Best topped with our homemade creme!

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  • Whitney

    Our signature café blend, Whitney, medium roasted to create a smooth and tasty coffee with fruity overtones and a lingering mellow finish.

  • Espresso

    Our espresso, heavily roasted to produce strong aromatic qualities with a lingering fruity flavor.

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  • Herbal

    This supreme Arabica coffee blend is lightly roasted to produce sweet floral notes and a pleasant lasting aftertaste.

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with more than 30 years of brewing experience

Whether you're a café owner, home barista or connoisseur, we will show you how to make a great cup of coffee.

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Come & sit with us! 612 E 11th Street New York 10009, USA

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