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  1. An affair & passion for the craft of coffee

    Angela Fiasto and Miguel Venicci founded Eleventh Street discovering the secret to good coffee. Fiasto and Venicci wanted to bring the authentic taste of Italian coffee to New York and the legend was born when they opened the doors to The Eleventh Street Cafe in 1980.

  2. A birth of the café's signature taste — Whitney

    It was from this humble year that Eleventh Street began developing its famous signature blend, Whitney. The warm atmosphere of the shop, along with the delicious Italian coffee, drew a huge following among street locals and soon the wider community.

  3. Growth & a wider community of coffee lovers

    Year 2000s, Fiasto was supplying coffee to cafés throughout New York – the coffee revolution had begun and was spreading fast. Eleventh Street continues to grow with an ever evolving coffee market roasting in state-of-the-art facilities.

  4. A realisation of a dream through hard work

    Fiasto and Venicci's one dream has been realised due to their passion and persistence. Eleventh Street continues to strive to produce the highest-quality coffee blends for New York's booming café and restaurant scene - and now for a preceptive domestic market.